Special Finacial Needs!

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If you would like to give towards the hospital but you are not sure which account to use, please give to the Bongolo Hospital Special Projects account. With this account we take care of many other smaller projects for which … Continued

First Eyeglasses Ever!

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By Dr Wendy Hofman: We at the Bongolo Eye Clinic have started making our own eyeglasses! Back in June 2010, Eric and I started a conversation with Wooddale Church in Minnesota as they were looking for ideas for their “Generosity!” … Continued

Buffalo Attack!

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His name is Douckaga Douckaga, he’s 52 years old, he’s an elder in the Alliance church in Niali, in south Gabon, and he survived a buffalo attack. On Monday, July 26 a year ago he left the village on foot … Continued

Pure Water!

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In February a team of four visitors were on the hospital compound to install a PROFESSIONAL FILTERING SYSTEM that started to filter all of the water that supplies the Station and the hospital! It also chlorinates the water. After a … Continued

1st Annual Bongolo 5K Walk-Run!

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The 1st Annual Bongolo 5K Walk-Run took place on July 2, 2011. There were 24 people who participated in this event, with others cheering them on. Missionaries, Africans, American visitors, adults and children on the Bongolo Station registered for the … Continued

The Container is Moved!

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January 8th Email from Joanna Thelander: Today was an exciting day at Bongolo!!! The fun started at 2 pm this afternoon.  Mel and LaVon (visitors from Ft. Wayne, Indiana) started digging under the 40 foot container that was placed in … Continued


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Weights: Baby A- 1kg520, Baby B- 2kg050 and Baby C- 2kg170. To change these weights into Pounds, multiply times 2.2. The local Television station came and filmed the babies, Father, Pediatrician and the head Midwife. The father and Head Midwife … Continued

PAACS Graduation

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Bongolo’s 6th & 7th African doctors will finish their Surgery Residency program in July 2010. Dr. Jean Yaradouno will graduate next month after five years of surgical training at the PAACS general surgery training program at Bongolo Hospital. His wife … Continued