Great Commission Ministries

The ministries of the Christian and Missionary Alliance are funded through a central funding system called the Great Commission Fund. Alliance missionaries and creative-access workers do not raise their own support. Instead, they depend on God to supply their needs through the faithful giving of people in C&MA churches to the Great Commission Fund (GCF).

The International Ministries missionaries who work at the Bongolo Hospital are supported from this fund. For an explanation of this fund read further. If you would like to give to this GCF to support Bongolo Hospital and other missionaries click HERE.

The GCF Supports

  • missionaries and their families, both overseas and in ethnic communities across the United States
  • new church plants in various countries and the United States
  • creative-access workers in places where traditional missionaries are not welcome
  • training for church leaders overseas
  • discipleship ministries and evangelism training to empower lay leaders
  • medical ministries, including care for people with HIV/AIDS

What overseas ministries are funded by the GCF?

  • Missionaries and their families receive full support, including housing, travel expenses, passports, visas, language study, health insurance, retirement benefits, field forums, MK education and so forth.
  • Strategic church-planting and outreach ministries are supported.
  • Theological schools and discipleship classes for future church leaders are also supported. In Gabon the Bethel Bible Institute is supported as is further education for its Director.

Financial challenges of the GCF

  • The value of the dollar has dropped in comparison to the euro and many other currencies, making even the basics more expensive
  • Health insurance premiums have skyrocketed.
  • Adjustments to missionary allowances were made to compensate for acute needs.
  • Educational cost for missionary kids (MKs) have jumped in recent years.

Thank you for giving to the GCF.

Thank you to all of you who give so generously to the Great Commission fund so that International Ministry missionaries like most of us at Bongolo Hospital are able to continue our ministry here in Gabon.

For those who would like to give to the Great Commission Fund you may do so through your local Alliance Church or you may give online at by clicking below at the bottom of this website.

Approved Specials

If you wish to contribute to an Approved Special* you may choose from the list below. These are field-approved special projects that facilitate ministry at the Bongolo Hospital. Per an Alliance Board of Directors’ decision, all gifts to Approved Specials will be assessed a 15 percent administrative fee.

If you would like to give towards the hospital but you are not sure which account to use, please give to the Bongolo Hospital Special Projects account. With this account we take care of many other smaller projects for which there is no fund or we can use it towards accounts that do not have enough money to meet the needs. Thanks.

  • Bongolo Hospital Special Projects
  • BH Aids Treatment
  • BH Poor Fund
  • Bongolo Communications
  • Bongolo Heart Send Project
  • Bongolo Medical Supplies Shipping Charges
  • Gabon Airplane
  • Gabon/Bongolo Hospital Endowment Fund
  • PAACS- Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons