Teams make a difference for world missions:

  1. Work teams do good work that is a gift to the missionaries and the National Church, introducing new methods, innovation, and creativity to the mission work-place.
  2. Team members come alongside missionaries and share their burdens, providing encouragement and often comfort.
  3. Spiritually mature team members minister in small but significant ways to both Africans and missionaries. Some discover gifts and a call from God that later leads into full-time mission service.
  4. By coming at their own expense and working for free, team members challenge African Christians to do the same for their own churches.
  5. Team members return home with a new view of missions and a burden for the unreached peoples of the world that they then can share with their families.
  6. Work teams infuse new enthusiasm, resources, and purpose into their church’s missions programs.
  7. Work teams return home with a heightened sense of gratitude and appreciation for what God has given them.