Nursing School Graduation!

On Sunday May 9, 2010 eight Bongolo Hospital Nursing students graduated in a ceremony held during the Bongolo Alliance Church service. The regular church service was held, but the message given by the Alliance District Superintendent, Pastor Mbesse, was directed towards the new graduates. At the end of the service the new Graduate Nurses slipped out and went to the back of the church where they entered the church while doing the “African Shuffle”, to music provided by the worship team, an electric keyboard and guitars.

After several speeches by various people, the diplomas were handed out. A reception was for the new graduate nurses and their invited guests. They were so excited and Praised the Lord to finally be finished with this 29 month study program!

Included in the above photo are three of the school’s Professors: Carolyn Thorson, Lisa Nicky and Moungala Claude. Two Professors, Rebecca Thompson and Karen Fitch were in the States and missed the Graduation.

One Response to “Nursing School Graduation!”

  1. lindsay strode says:

    Most hearty congratulations to you all who persevered… balancing home, family and nursing responsibilities. Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church was there when this class started and i was blessed to meet you all. Thank you to Lisa Nicky for her obedience. To Evelyne Bicka, my time with you and your family was a moving and especially impressive moment, seeing how God answers those that are faithful. i especially enjoyed the songs your class sang for me when i inteerupted your lesson…My daughter too is graduating from her university nursing studies this coming year. i think of you all often and the impact you had on me during our short time together, and all that God will accomplish through you…
    Blessings to you all.
    Your brother in Christ,
    lindsay strode
    Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church
    Isaiah 58; 6-12

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