PAACS Graduation 2013!

IMG_1854PAACS held its 9th graduation ceremony and celebration at Bongolo Hospital on July 28 for Dr.Philadelphie Dembele (Mali) and Dr. Ruffin Loua (Guinea-Conakry), the 9th and 10th graduates from Bongolo (27th and 28th from PAACS). During the same ceremony, Bongolo Hospital’s 3-year ophthalmology training program (POB) graduated its first ophthalmology resident, Dr. Elisee Baroua, from the DRC. Dr. Wendy Hofman is the Program Director. (From PAACS Bulletin #110)




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  1. chris arlyde says:

    hello i’m Chris Arlyde ! I’m Gabonese! I would like to work at Bongolo hospital like a physician! please how can i do ? I’ll spend my BAC “S” (BAC “D” in Gabon) in two years ! and i learn English because i know that it’s a must at Bongolo ! please reply me back in my mail adress: or or

  2. chris arlyde says:

    I’m 19 years old

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