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Final Day of School Year!

???????????????????????????????On June 13 the Nursing students met at the school at 9am for their last day of their second year of classes. After cleaning the school classrooms and office everyone sat around in a circle and had a sandwich lunch. Songs were sung then came some testimonies of how God had helped them during the year. Next various papers, projects, tests were handed back to the Students before they each received an envelope with their final Grades.


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The Nursing students were VERY glad to be done with classes for awhile. During the summer Nursing Students will continue to do their hospital clinical work but each will also have five weeks of vacation. Nursing School classes will resume in September.


MiTransforer Fire . Jan 17 2014d afternoon on Friday January 17th there was a city power outage at the Bongolo Hospital and Station. The emergency generator was started. Dr. Zach O’Connor went frequently to see if the city power was on so he could switch the hospital back to it and turn off the generator.  About 7pm the city plant switched the power back on but the current surged and caused the main transformer at Bongolo  to explode and start on fire. This happened  just as Zita, a nursing student, was passing by the small building where the transformer was kept.  Zita quickly told others. The electric company turned off the power to Bongolo Station and many helped put out the fire in the destroyed transformer building. Praise the Lord that no one was hurt.  Because the hospital and residences were still on the emergency generator power all of the medical equipment  and electric appliances were protected when the electricity surged and burned the transformer. Praise the Lord!

On Sunday Pastor Serge Batouboko drove to Libreville to purchase a new transformer. He was able to do so on Monday. This transformer will arrive at Bongolo today for installation. Until then Bongolo hospital and station are still using the diesel fueled generator.  Pray that gifts come in to help with the costs of this new transformer which cost over $150,000. If you wish to help financially online you may click HERE In the line about Special Projects write, “Bongolo Hospital Special Projects” so it will get to the correct account to help pay for the new transformer. Thanks so much for your prayers and your gifts.

Outpatient Medical Clinic

IMG_2334Another new building is going up at the Hospital. It will be an Outpatient Medical Clinic for doctors and nurses who consult adult patients. The original building where they consulted was very old and was torn down. They have been working out of a temporary building until this new building is completed. It is being built between the new Emergency Department and the double story AIDS Clinic-Pharmacy- Cashier building.


IMG_2339 IMG_2470

PAACS Graduation 2013!

IMG_1854PAACS held its 9th graduation ceremony and celebration at Bongolo Hospital on July 28 for Dr.Philadelphie Dembele (Mali) and Dr. Ruffin Loua (Guinea-Conakry), the 9th and 10th graduates from Bongolo (27th and 28th from PAACS). During the same ceremony, Bongolo Hospital’s 3-year ophthalmology training program (POB) graduated its first ophthalmology resident, Dr. Elisee Baroua, from the DRC. Dr. Wendy Hofman is the Program Director. (From PAACS Bulletin #110)




New Emergency Department!

Old Emergency RoomIn May the old Emergency Room was emptied out as everything was moved over to the new Emergency Department. Here are some photos, the photo to the left is of the old “ER” and the other photos of the new “ED”:




New Emergency Department


Fire Alarm!

IMG_3426One room in a small hotel in Lebamba recently caught fire. Paul Davis was alerted to the fire by cellphone and he and a small crew took off to the other side of Lebamba with the newly acquired Bongolo Hospital Fire Truck. The road between the hospital and the main part of town is full of ruts and broken pavement so it took awhile for the Fire Truck to arrive at the scene. The fire was already out but it had demolished that room and also done smoke damage in the rest of the building. This was the first time that the FireTruck crew had been called upon. Oh, that the roads would be fixed!

To learn how Bongolo Hospital obtained a Fire Truck check out the following article: Fire Truck.

Entrance Exams!

The Bongolo Nursing School will hold entrance exams on August 4, 2012. The same exam will be held both at the Nursing School in Lebamba and also in Libreville on the same day. Pray for the students as they take the exam. After the exam pray for wisdom in deciding which of the students should be admitted into the new Nursing Class.

These new Nursing Students will enter the Nursing School in September, along with the returning Third Year class. Pray for nurse Professors Karen Fitch, Terry Newman and Amanda Martin as they teach these two levels of Nursing students, one teacher short. Carolyn Thorson had to prolong her Home Assignment in the States due to a broken knee. Pray she can return to Gabon in December, ready to teach the second Trimester of classes in January.


Fire Truck Headed to BONGOLO!

After witnessing a fire in a Bongolo Hospital warehouse two years ago, Missionary Joanna Thelander’s visiting parents, Dave and Diann  Conquest, returned home and purchased a Fire Truck on EBay for $3,175!  With the help of the community in Pittsford, New York and local fire departments, the Conquests have collected over $20,000 in donations to help send the truck to Africa. Check out this online article as well as a Utube TV interview taken this Thanksgiving Weekend when the Fire Truck headed out  to  port in New Jersey, for it’s ocean trip to Gabon via Cargo Ship.

Pittsford Couple Sends Fire Truck To Africa

Pittsford couple buys fire truck on Ebay for remote African

Special Finacial Needs!

40 foot Shipping Container.

If you would like to give towards the hospital but you are not sure which account to use, please give to the Bongolo Hospital Special Projects account. With this account we take care of many other smaller projects for which there is no fund or we can use it towards accounts that do not have enough money to meet the needs. Thanks.

Several times a year a container of medical supplies is shipped from Cleveland, Ohio to Gabon and the Bongolo Hospital. The shipping costs and port fees can cost around $10,000 each container. If you would like to give toward this ongoing need, please give towards the  Bongolo Medical Supplies Shipping Charges account. Thanks.

First Eyeglasses Ever!

First pair of glasses made.

By Dr Wendy Hofman:

We at the Bongolo Eye Clinic have started making our own eyeglasses! Back in June 2010, Eric and I started a conversation with Wooddale Church in Minnesota as they were looking for ideas for their “Generosity!” campaign. We presented the great need for eyeglasses in Gabon, Africa, where we work. Here patients often have to travel to the capital city of the country and spend $300+ that they don’t have in order to get eyeglasses. Many times a day my nurses and I would write out prescriptions for eyeglasses to my patients who needed them, knowing that these prescriptions would never get filled.

First patient to receive glasses.

The result of this conversation was a donation for eyeglasses-making equipment – thank you so much, Wooddale! And thanks to our aviation missionary team partners, we were finally able to transport the equipment from where the oceangoing container had left it, in the capital city of Libreville, to our hospital out in the bush. Finally, thanks to work by our maintenance missionary team partners hereat Bongolo hospital, we have outfitted the eyeglasses-making room (“optical shop”) and set up the equipment. It has truly been a team effort!

And I have spent the last couple of weeks learning how to make eyeglasses along with my resident and nurses, with great success!

Nurse Jean Paul with patient wearing the first pair of glasses he had made.

It is such a joy to have patients come into our little air-conditioned optical shop to pick out their frames, and be able to give them what they need

Older girl can now see the board better.

to see well – without even the risk of having to operate on them! Praise the Lord for his provision and instruction to provide these glasses for our patients.

We are currently looking to hire someone in the community to help us with the backlog of glasses orders we’ve already accumulated. We’ll have to fully train this person, of course, but hopefully we can find someone who is good at arithmetic and has a faithful walk with the Lord. One of the applicants goes to our church.  Please pray for wisdom in this hiring process.

"I can see all the way to the river!"

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