Airplane Commissioning!

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From Pilot Steve Straw we learned that there were “About 200 supporters gathered at CXY Aviation in New Cumberland, PA on Saturday, October 24th to celebrate a milestone. Soon, the aircraft refurbishment phase will be giving way to the start of (the Air Ambulance) operations in Gabon! The event was a great time to see so many friends, give thanks to our great God, and then, to lay hands on our “fill-in” airplane and ask for the Lord’s continued direction on this remarkable journey we’re on.”

CLICK HERE to read Steve’s Blog about the event

CLICK HERE to see 35 captioned photos of the event

Update on the new Plane!

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Cessna 207

Air Calvary and Pilot Steve Straw have ordered a Cessna 207 plane to begin an Air Ambulance Service in Gabon.  This plane  has 8 seats and plenty of luggage room. The storage compartment is just behind the engine and the cargo pod under the airplane.

From Steve Straw’s blog of July 11: “We hope to see the aircraft in action around the end of the fall, this year. We’ll be adding the avionics, new paint, and then making a decision whether to put the aircraft in a container for 6 weeks and then reassemble it in Africa, or to set it out for an 8 day voyage across the North Atlantic and then through Europe to Gabon.”

The avionics are added as well as the new paint. Take a look at this good looking plane!


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From an August 1st letter written by Dave Thompson:

Dear Friends,
At 7:30 pm tonight I got a frantic call from one of our nurses with the alarming news that our hospital warehouse was on fire.

Becki called around the station for others to come while I raced to the hospital.  When I arrived, about 200 people (mostly the local youth group, which was meeting in the church next door) were screaming and running around, trying to get into the lock building to put it out.  I could see the glow of flames through the windows.  Since it was dark, I parked my car with the headlights on the door. Continued

On the Road Again!

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Recently teams from South Shore and Faith visited to Bongolo and rocked the roads. Well actually they repaired the roads using laterite. Laterite  is a naturally occurring gravel formed by the dissolution of primary rock. Located approximately 3 meters below the surface, laterite needs to be uncovered then broke up with picks, a task that South Shore from Mass and Faith from Ohio, gladly accepted. These 2 teams put their heart and back in it and got the job done. In a matter of a few days all the roads on the mission were repaired what a great blessing to the mission staff. They are coming by the truck load and Jumping for Joy!


“how to put it into words…”

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The Gabon Mission gets many visitors each year. Now with a Short Term Mission Office (STMO) in both Libreville and at the Bongolo Hospital, our visitors to the field have increased many fold. A group of YOUTH from Lancaster Alliance Church from Lancaster, PA were just in Libreville and kept a good blog of their experiences in the country. Please check out their blog by clicking “how to put it into words…” . You will get a little glimpse into village life.

Prayer Requests- June 20

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  • Praise the Lord that the hospital now has a functioning X-Ray machine.
  • Pray for the airstrip to get redone soon. A Chinese road company that is here to pave the main roads in Lebamba and the road to Ndende (20 miles to the west) has signed an agreement with the hospital to grade, level and compact the runway, starting in about three weeks.
  • The Gabonese government has promised money to finance the project.
  • Pray for the roads on the Bongolo campus. The heavy rains this year have damaged them severely, and it would help us tremendously if the Chinese would pave them! Join with us to ask God to put this project on their hearts!
  • Pray for political stability in Gabon, and for strong leadership in the Gabon Alliance church.

X-Ray Machine Works!

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In May we finally were able to take X-rays again.  Mark Heydenburg from International Aid, spent four days with us and helped us set up a used X-ray machine we purchased last year.  Thank you, Mark!

A couple of weeks ago Paul Davis and the hospital maintenance workers installed a plywood ceiling and air conditioning in the old hospital storeroom now serving as our temporary X-ray room, and in an adjoining room built us a darkroom with black plastic sheeting.  Our four months without X-rays have ended!

Thanks to a gift of $45,000 from Samaritan’s Purse, work started a month ago on a new X-ray floor that’s rising up to meet the all-steel second floor that was built by Jason Kalb and his team last January for conference rooms, medical records and office space. This photo shows the second floor with the first floor not yet completed.

AIDS Clinic Officially Opens

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In March Bongolo Hospital’s HIV/AIDS program finally officially opened! We received the authorization and the access code from the Ministry of Health which allows us to obtain the antiviral medicines. It had been very frustrating to have many patients who were very sick and in need of AIDS medicines, but not have the authorization and medications to help anyone except the pregnant women and newborns. In Gabon around 10% of the population is HIV positive, so it is a major health problem. Before we could offer patients hope in Jesus, but now with the medicines we can also offer hope for improvement in their health.

Dr. Alain Mbongo, our HIV/AIDS specialist, has already started a number of patients on the medications. Additionally,  the first week of April several members of our HIV/AIDS Team (see photo of team) participated in screening programs in area villages, in conjunction with a Canadian organization. A number of people were found to be HIV positive. Unfortunately, the special lab machine, CD4 Counter, used to follow the progress of these patients, did not work when it arrived. We pray that we will soon have a functioning machine to be able to followup our patients’ progress.

Prayer Requests – April 2

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  • Praise the Lord: The hospital finally received ” AIDS medicines” and we have officially started our HIV/AIDS Treatment Center!
  • Pray that we can get our X-Ray machines fixed. At this point no x-Rays can be done.
  • After we finally obtained all the things necessary for the special lab machine (CD4 Counter) for the AIDS patients, the machine doesn’t work. Then we received a second machine and it does not have a cord. Pray we get a functioning CD4 counter machine.
  • Because of the financial crisis, this month The Christian and Missionary Alliance was forced to send home 30 missionaries. Six of these missionaries were from Africa, but none were from Gabon. Pray for these missionaries and the continuing financial situation for the C&MA .
  • Electrical problems caused a serious fire of the surgery building circuit breaker. Pray that the electrical puzzle can be resolved.
  • Pray that the inside finishing touches be completed on the new hospital Laboratory so that it can be put into use.

Completion of Bible Study on “Daniel”

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On Tuesday March 31 the Missionary women of Bongolo finished the Beth Moore Bible study on the book of “Daniel”. The study was done in half time, watching the dvd one week and having the discussion the next. What a blessing this weekly time has been as we have studied God’s Word and prayed together.