Called to Medical Missions!

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Dr. Deborah Walker, a Pediatrician at the Bongolo Hospital, shares Claude Alain’s exciting story of God’s healing as well as her testimony of how she was called to serve Christ through medicine. Her article appeared in the January 15, 2014 “a-Life, Alliance Magazine” by the title, ” Through Healing Hands”. Please click here for Dr Walker’s moving testimony of how she was called to serve in medicine and how she has helped several children get to the States for heart surgery.


Buffalo Attack!

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His name is Douckaga Douckaga, he’s 52 years old, he’s an elder in the Alliance church in Niali, in south Gabon, and he survived a buffalo attack. On Monday, July 26 a year ago he left the village on foot with his two teenage sons and their dog to check their small animal traps. They carried with them two loaded shotguns, and two machetes. As they approached one of the traps a buffalo suddenly ran by them, dragging on his hind leg a small tree tethered to a thin steel cable. Douckaga ran after him with his shotgun, followed by the dog and his sons. The buffalo ran into waist high grass and as they cautiously approached, charged Douckaga. He aimed at the buffalo and fired point-blank, but the gun misfired. A second later the buffalo threw him to the ground and began twisting his horns through both of Douckaga’s his thighs,trying to tear open his groin. Douckaga grabbed the buffalo’s horns and shouted for the son with the other gun to come close and shoot him. Meanwhile the buffalo fought to throw Douckaga off his horns, thrusting one of horns entirely through his left arm in two places. The dog attacked the buffalo from behind, temporarily distracting him. At that moment Douckaga’s son ran up and thrusting the shotgun against the buffalo’s neck, fired. The buffalo staggered, but then turned on Douckaga again, who was still shouting and clinging to the bull’s horns. His other son then chopped hard at the bull’s neck, and dropped him. Continued

A Momentous Occasion for Dr. Baruwa!

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Dr. Elisee Baruwa was featured in Eric and Wendy Hofman’s blog on June 26th. Read the following as told by Dr. Wendy Hofman, Ophthalmologist:

Thursday June 24th started as just about any normal day at the Bongolo Eye Clinic would start. After the morning devotional together with the hospital staff, the eye clinic staff arrived at 8am. We’re currently up to a staff of 7 people besides myself:

– Dr. Elisee Baruwa, from the Congo DRC, ophthalmology resident
– Jean Paul, senior nurse
– Edouard, nurse
– Marius, nurse
– Matthieu, nurse
– Oscar, nurses’ aide
– Marie Louise, janitor Continued

Meet Fidele (plus Feb 26th update)!

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As told by Dr. Renee Valach and Pilot Steve Straw:

Dr.  Valach wrote that Fidele  had been one of the workers who cut the grass on the (Bongolo) mission station until a heart problem stopped him from working.  February 21st  Dr Valach will accompany Fidele to a hospital in Kenya, where he will undergo surgery to fix his heart valve. He has small children, and his heart problem is serious so this is a wonderful opportunity for him. Continued

“I need to read my Bible.”

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By Dr. Wendy Hofman, Ophthalmologist.

We missionaries have been praying for the arrival of our airplane for Air Calvary for many months….but I think that we weren’t the only ones who have been praying.

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down to do a “routine” cataract surgery here at Bongolo Hospital, for a patient named Samuel.  The nurses and I were just getting ready to pray for the patient before starting, as we usually do, when Samuel started talking away in Nzebi, a local Gabonese language.  My nurses explained that Samuel was asking to pray for his own cataract surgery.  I had never had a patient do this before, but the sterile drapes covering his face and the eyelid holder in place over his eye didn’t hinder him one bit as he prayed fervently for his own operation.

Within the first week, the operated eye, which had been blind, achieved 20/20 vision.  But Samuel was still concerned.  “I need to read my Bible, so I can share the gospel,” he explained to me insistently with his toothy grin.  He said this over and over, just to make sure that he had succeeded at crossing the language barrier.  It turns out that Samuel is a “retired” Gabonese evangelist, whose heart is still passionate for his work despite being in his 70’s. Continued

Binta’s Miracle

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“Bongolo Heart Send Project” is a program for children with congenital heart diseases. It aims to send these children to a hospital where they can receive heart surgery, something that can not happen in Gabon.

Meet Binta. In July 07 she had successful heart surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Binta now comes to Bongolo Hospital for regular checkups. She is doing GREAT. The only medicine she needs is malaria prophylaxis.

Read her story in an Alliance Life Magazine article called, “Binta’s Miracle” This article was written by Pediatrician Dr. Deborah Walker.

Please pray that Mayo Clinic will be able to offer us another charity slot and that the Lord will provide all the funds needed for the airfare for the patient and one parent. Pray for the selection the next child who will most benefit from this surgery.

If you would like to GIVE to “Bongolo Heart Send Project” so that other children get the same opportunity as Binta for open heart surgery click HERE.