First Eyeglasses Ever!

By Dr Wendy Hofman:

We at the Bongolo Eye Clinic have started making our own eyeglasses! Back in June 2010, Eric and I started a conversation with Wooddale Church in Minnesota as they were looking for ideas for their “Generosity!” campaign. We presented the great need for eyeglasses in Gabon, Africa, where we work. Here patients often have to travel to the capital city of the country and spend $300+ that they don’t have in order to get eyeglasses. Many times a day my nurses and I would write out prescriptions for eyeglasses to my patients who needed them, knowing that these prescriptions would never get filled. (more…)

Buffalo Attack!

His name is Douckaga Douckaga, he’s 52 years old, he’s an elder in the Alliance church in Niali, in south Gabon, and he survived a buffalo attack. On Monday, July 26 a year ago he left the village on foot with his two teenage sons and their dog to check their small animal traps. They carried with them two loaded shotguns, and two machetes. As they approached one of the traps a buffalo suddenly ran by them, dragging on his hind leg a small tree tethered to a thin steel cable. Douckaga ran after him with his shotgun, followed by the dog and his sons. The buffalo ran into waist high grass and as they cautiously approached, charged Douckaga. He aimed at the buffalo and fired point-blank, but the gun misfired. A second later the buffalo threw him to the ground and began twisting his horns through both of Douckaga’s his thighs,trying to tear open his groin. Douckaga grabbed the buffalo’s horns and shouted for the son with the other gun to come close and shoot him. Meanwhile the buffalo fought to throw Douckaga off his horns, thrusting one of horns entirely through his left arm in two places. The dog attacked the buffalo from behind, temporarily distracting him. At that moment Douckaga’s son ran up and thrusting the shotgun against the buffalo’s neck, fired. The buffalo staggered, but then turned on Douckaga again, who was still shouting and clinging to the bull’s horns. His other son then chopped hard at the bull’s neck, and dropped him. (more…)