At Bongolo

Eric & Wendy Hofman

Affiliation: Christian & Missionary Alliance, Self Supporting
Service Began 2008
Ministries: Eric: Bookkeeper, Wendy: Ophthalmologist.

Renee Valach

Affiliation: Christian & Missionary Alliance, International Ministries
Service Began: 01/01/06
Ministries: Doctor, Director of AIDS Clinic. Sunday School Teacher. View Renee’s webpage

Deborah Walker

Affiliation: Christian & Missionary Alliance, International Ministries
Service Began: 12/01/1987
Ministries: Doctor,  many Hospital Administrative responsibilities. View Deborah’s webpage

Steve and Alace Straw

Affiliation:  Air Calvary; Christian & Missionary Alliance (Marketplace Ministries)
Service Began:
Ministries:  Steve and Alace are on loan to Rainbow Academy as Dorm Parents for the year 2013-14. View the Straw’s website

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