Hospital African Staff- December 2008

Dental Clinic

Bongolo Hospital has a Dental Clinic run by Michel and Prosper, nurses trained as Dental assistants. They examen, clean, repair and pull teeth. They also make dental prosthesis.

Michel in the Dental Clinic Lab
Prosper in Dental Clinic

Hospital Cashiers

Meet Florence, Martine and Christine our three Hospital cashiers. The cashiers department is open Monday through Friday. As patients pay they are given a number. The patients then go to the Outpatient department and are seen in the order in which they had paid the Cashiers. Christine is also the hospital’s Assistant Bookkeeper. She makes most of the entries into QuickBooks and at the end of the month works with the bookkeeper to varify the accounts and troubleshoot where there are complicated billing and banking “issues”.

Florence Martine and Christine

Hospital Chaplains’ Ministry

Much of the ministry of the hospital chaplains is that of counseling patients who are positive for the AIDS virus. One or the other is often present when the laboratory results are first given to the patient. Some patients are already ill but others have no symptoms of the disease. Pastor Pascal has been to South Africa to take a course in counseling AIDS patients. He has shared his knowledge and experience with our second Chaplain, Pastor Michel.

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