Bongolo Hospital began an ophthalmology (eye surgery) postdoctoral residency program in 2009.  The need for eye surgeons in Africa is great (1 ophthalmologist per million people), and our vision is to train up Christian ophthalmologists who will proclaim Jesus, restoring spiritual sight side by side with physical sight as they serve their patients.  We currently do about 70% of all cataract surgeries performed in the country of Gabon, as well as other types of eye surgeries and services.

If you are interested in applying for this program, we invite you to fill out the application and send it to  We would also like your help in finding other applicants for this residency program.  Only one resident is accepted per calendar year, and the position may be competitive.

This ophthalmology residency includes:

  • 2 Professors
  • Various short-term visiting professors
  • The required textbooks
  • Abundant hands-on surgical experience and clinical teaching
  • Required regular exams
  • Required research project
  • Required presentations
  • Attendance at one professional meeting
  • One month vacation per year
  • Local housing

Candidates must:

  1. Know Christ as their personal savior
  2. Be African, residing in Africa
  3. Be less than 35 years old
  4. Have graduated from university, then medical school
  5. Have had 1 year of supervised post-graduate training in general medicine (family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, or general surgery)
  6. Be prepared for a 3-year rigorous training program where they perform hundreds of surgeries themselves
  7. Not plan to be separated from a spouse for longer than 1 year, if married (normally families travel and reside together)
  8. Speak and read English and French
  9. Plan for either funding for the training or a post-graduate work obligation (please see the application for details)

The deadline for application is February 1 of each year, to begin training at Bongolo Hospital the following July 1 for the candidate who is selected.  For more details on the training program or application process, please see the Ophthalmology-Residency-Application or email  Thank you!


Wendy Hofman, MD
Ophthalmology Residency Director and Ophthalmologist
Bongolo Hospital

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