Address B.P. 49 Lebamba, Gabon, Africa
Purpose Bongolo Hospital is a center of hope to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Gabon.

Welcome to Bongolo


For over twenty years, missionary nurses ran a small dispensary for treating the medical needs of local Gabonese. In 1977, with the arrival of a team of missionary medical personnel,  the small dispensary began building what eventually developed into the Bongolo Hospital of the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Gabon. Missionaries along with over 70 local Gabonese personnel keep the hospital open to serve the local province and all other provinces of Gabon, including patients from the country of Congo Braazaville.


A 158-bed facility in the town of Lebamba, Bongolo Hospital has a busy Outpatient department, Surgery, Adult Medicine, Maternity, Pediatrics and Laboratory. There is also a Dental Clinic, Eye Surgery Clinic, and an AIDS/HIV Treatment Center, all needed specialties in the area.

Recent News at Bongolo

Final Day of School Year!

On June 13 the Nursing students met at the school at 9am for their last day of their second year of classes. After cleaning the school classrooms and office everyone sat around in a circle and had a sandwich lunch. Songs were sung then came some testimonies of how God had helped them during the […]

Called to Medical Missions!

Dr. Deborah Walker, a Pediatrician at the Bongolo Hospital, shares Claude Alain’s exciting story of God’s healing as well as her testimony of how she was called to serve Christ through medicine. Her article appeared in  the January 15, 2014 “a-Life, Alliance Magazine” by the title, ” Through Healing Hands”.  Please click here for Dr Walker’s moving testimony of how […]


Mid afternoon on Friday January 17th there was a city power outage at the Bongolo Hospital and Station. The emergency generator was started. Dr. Zach O’Connor went frequently to see if the city power was on so he could switch the hospital back to it and turn off the generator.  About 7pm the city plant […]

Outpatient Medical Clinic

Another new building is going up at the Hospital. It will be an Outpatient Medical Clinic for doctors and nurses who consult adult patients. The original building where they consulted was very old and was torn down. They have been working out of a temporary building until this new building is completed. It is being […]

PAACS Graduation 2013!

PAACS held its 9th graduation ceremony and celebration at Bongolo Hospital on July 28 for Dr.Philadelphie Dembele (Mali) and Dr. Ruffin Loua (Guinea-Conakry), the 9th and 10th graduates from Bongolo (27th and 28th from PAACS). During the same ceremony, Bongolo Hospital’s 3-year ophthalmology training program (POB) graduated its first ophthalmology resident, Dr. Elisee Baroua, from […]