Bongolo Hospital Special Projects

Giving to this general fund helps the hospital with small construction projects, purchasing essential medical equipment, and assisting in other important needs. Note: there is a “Non-CMA Donor” version of this fund for those

Bongolo Hospital Special Projects Non-CMA Donor

Same as Bongolo Hospital Special Projects fund but for those donors who are not affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Bongolo Aviation Program

Help transport emergency patients to Bongolo from all over Gabon. In addition, the plane serves as transport for visitors, hospital workers, and pastors to and from Libreville.

Bongolo Church Sunday School Project

While the existing building structure is in place and children’s Sunday School is underway, further work is needed. This includes the installation of a floor and a ceiling and other miscellaneous interior work.

Bongolo Medication Supplies/Shipping

Help the hospital by defraying the shipping and customs costs of donated equipment, supplies and medicines transported by yearly shipping containers.

Bongolo Hospital Endowment Fund

All earnings from this endowment fund go towards providing salaries for Gabonese doctors who work at the hospital.

Bongolo Hospital Benevolent Fund

Not all patients have the resources to pay for hospital services. This fund helps those in need to pay for hospitalization, medications, and other services.

Bongolo Hospital HIV Treatment

Benefiting specifically our HIV treatment center, this fund helps subsidize the cost of service and medications for patients as well as helping with renovations to the building and acquiring AIDS specific lab machines.

Bongolo Heart Send Project

Help send a child to the US for heart surgery!. This fund builds support for sending pediatric patients to the Mayo Clinic for benevolent heart surgery.

Bongolo Electrical System Upgrade

With aging buildings and an expanding campus, this much needed electrical upgrade will increase the capacity, safety, and longevity of the hospital and station’s electrical system.