Mid afternoon on Friday January 17th there was a city power outage at the Bongolo Hospital and Station. The emergency generator was started. Dr. Zach O’Connor went frequently to see if the city power was on so he could switch the hospital back to it and turn off the generator.  About 7pm the city plant switched the power back on but the current surged and caused the main transformer at Bongolo  to explode and start on fire. This happened  just as Zita, a nursing student, was passing by the small building where the transformer was kept.  Zita quickly told others. The electric company turned off the power to Bongolo Station and many helped put out the fire in the destroyed transformer building. Praise the Lord that no one was hurt.  Because the hospital and residences were still on the emergency generator power all of the medical equipment  and electric appliances were protected when the electricity surged and burned the transformer. Praise the Lord!

On Sunday Pastor Serge Batouboko drove to Libreville to purchase a new transformer. He was able to do so on Monday. This transformer will arrive at Bongolo today for installation. Until then Bongolo hospital and station are still using the diesel fueled generator.  Pray that gifts come in to help with the costs of this new transformer which cost over $150,000. If you wish to help financially online you may click HEREIn the line about Special Projects write, “Bongolo Hospital Special Projects” so it will get to the correct account to help pay for the new transformer. Thanks so much for your prayers and your gifts.