Hospital Maintenance Fire!

The Bongolo Hospital grounds are very large and many yard workers and maintenance men are needed to keep it mowed and also to keep all the  generators, water pumps and  electrical machines going! Also are needs for repairing cars,  medical equipment, washing machines, driers and other appliances without a “certified dealer”! It  is next to impossible to keep everything working at the same time! This week’s crises was a fire at the circuit breaker in the Surgery building. That problem took two days to “fix”.

Notice the white Egrets following the lawnmowers. They are getting their fill as the bugs which are stirred up by the mowers. These Egrets are known here as  “Christmas Birds” because they migrate to this area in November, just before Christmas.

The Hospital welcomed Paul Davis as Head Mainteance man and Overseer of all workers in that department.  Paul and his wife Meladee  arrived in December 08.  The day he arrived he was to find that the water pumps were not working. Paul has his hands full with plenty to do every day.