Weights: Baby A- 1kg520, Baby B- 2kg050 and Baby C- 2kg170. To change these weights into Pounds, multiply times 2.2.

The local Television station came and filmed the babies, Father, Pediatrician and the head Midwife. The father and Head Midwife are hoping that the family can get some government subsidy for their family. They have four other children.

Praise the Lord that mother, Ely, Ben and Tom did fine. Mom and babies went home just after one month of ages. The boys’ father was at the hospital the whole time Mom was and he was fully engaged with helping with baby care. The couple know the Lord and are from an Alliance Church in another city. They came to Bongolo Hospital after finding out they were to have triplets. Thanks to all who knew about the Triplets and prayed for their birth and progress. Check out the photo of  the three boys shortly before they went home.