Le Petit Culte

French – lit. “the little worship” One of Bongolo’s staff chaplains shares the Gospel message with those gathered in the waiting area outside consultation Monday morning. Bongolo’s chaplain ministry delivers such messages daily throughout the week, as well as visiting patients and families for bedside ministry in their rooms.  Ministries like these distinguish Bongolo as

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Anesthesia Graduation

Congratulations to Peya, Mathieu, and Joseph! They completed the first formal Nurse Anesthesia Training program at Bongolo Hospital and celebrated their graduation on June 26th. These men completed over 500 hours of classroom and simulation work and over 5000 hours of hands-on clinical experience during the last two years. Goal achieved–to provide safe and competent

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New X-Ray Machine!

The recent installation of a brand new, all digital X-Ray system not only places important imaging information at the fingertips of Bongolo doctors, it also allows for easy collaboration with specialists anywhere in the world.  This means that even patients in the remote tropical rainforests of Gabon can have access to the best possible medical

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