Clearing Needed for “Take Off”


Steve and Alace Straw and their family are in Gabon as missionaries with Air Calvary. They are also with IFAP,  the International Fellowship of Alliance Professionals.  They have come to open the first ever Air Ambulance service to the Bongolo Hospital. They live in Libreville, capital city of Gabon.
Steve wrote that over the past 5 months they have laid the foundation for the program and they are ready to start flights as soon as an aircraft is in place. They have approximately $145,000 to go to reach their goal of $650,000 to purchase a suitable airplane that has a large carrying capacity as well as the ability to get into and out of short airstrips.  In the meantime, they have been granted access to use an aircraft belonging to a Belgium agricultural company based here, in Gabon.  So, what’s the hold up?  Read on!

For them to start flights, they must make repairs to the airport located near the hospital.  In early March, Dr. David Thompson and the Bongolo Hospital administrator, Pastor Serge, had a meeting with a company that should be able to bring large equipment to grade and compress the surface.  They are waiting for their response.  Please pray that they make a reasonable offer and that the work be done quickly.

The Straw children Joey, Megan, and Sam continue to progress in their studies.  The first year of homeschooling has gone very well thanks to the efforts of Alace, Cheryl Solvig, and their assistant, Courtney.  Please pray that they find good material for next year.  This year was very “hands on” for the teachers and they are seeking material where the kids can work more independently.

The Straws continue to make visits to as many of the Alliance churches in the Libreville area, where they live.  They are eager to find one particular church to call “home”.  Pray that they are able to find one where the kids can be involved in a Sunday School and Alace can assist in teaching.  They are also continuing to work with other ex-pats to provide a regular faith gathering.  Pray for them as they consider the best time and place for this.

Guest House
Cheryl Solvig continues to mentor Alace into the role of Guest House Administrator.  In mid-April, the Solvigs will move out of their home in preparation for leaving.  They will complete their transition to the states in Mid-May when they complete over 13 years of ministry in Gabon.  In the transition there is a lot to be done and some repairs and upgrades needed.  Please pray that the Straws are able to assemble a team of 3 to 4 people capable of doing some of the following:  tile, plumbing, cabinetry, painting, etc.

Steve and Alace Straw thank you for your prayers.