Meet Fidele (plus Feb 26th update)!

As told by Dr. Renee Valach and Pilot Steve Straw:

Dr.  Valach wrote that Fidele  had been one of the workers who cut the grass on the (Bongolo) mission station until a heart problem stopped him from working.  February 21st  Dr Valach will accompany Fidele to a hospital in Kenya, where he will undergo surgery to fix his heart valve. He has small children, and his heart problem is serious so this is a wonderful opportunity for him. (more…)

“I need to read my Bible.”

By Dr. Wendy Hofman, Ophthalmologist.

We missionaries have been praying for the arrival of our airplane for Air Calvary for many months….but I think that we weren’t the only ones who have been praying.

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down to do a “routine” cataract surgery here at Bongolo Hospital, for a patient named Samuel.  The nurses and I were just getting ready to pray for the patient before starting, as we usually do, when Samuel started talking away in Nzebi, a local Gabonese language.  My nurses explained that Samuel was asking to pray for his own cataract surgery.  I had never had a patient do this before, but the sterile drapes covering his face and the eyelid holder in place over his eye didn’t hinder him one bit as he prayed fervently for his own operation.

Within the first week, the operated eye, which had been blind, achieved 20/20 vision.  But Samuel was still concerned.  “I need to read my Bible, so I can share the gospel,” he explained to me insistently with his toothy grin.  He said this over and over, just to make sure that he had succeeded at crossing the language barrier.  It turns out that Samuel is a “retired” Gabonese evangelist, whose heart is still passionate for his work despite being in his 70’s. (more…)