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Airplane Commissioning!

From Pilot Steve Straw we learned that there were “About 200 supporters gathered at CXY Aviation in New Cumberland, PA on Saturday, October 24th to celebrate a milestone. Soon, the aircraft refurbishment phase will be giving way to the start of (the Air Ambulance) operations in Gabon! The event was a great time to see

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Update on the new Plane!

Air Calvary and Pilot Steve Straw have ordered a Cessna 207 plane to begin an Air Ambulance Service in Gabon.  This plane  has 8 seats and plenty of luggage room. The storage compartment is just behind the engine and the cargo pod under the airplane. From Steve Straw’s blog of July 11: “We hope to

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From an August 1st letter written by Dave Thompson: Dear Friends, At 7:30 pm tonight I got a frantic call from one of our nurses with the alarming news that our hospital warehouse was on fire. Becki called around the station for others to come while I raced to the hospital.  When I arrived, about

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On the Road Again!

Recently teams from South Shore and Faith visited to Bongolo and rocked the roads. Well actually they repaired the roads using laterite. Laterite  is a naturally occurring gravel formed by the dissolution of primary rock. Located approximately 3 meters below the surface, laterite needs to be uncovered then broke up with picks, a task that

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X-Ray Machine Works!

In May we finally were able to take X-rays again.  Mark Heydenburg from International Aid, spent four days with us and helped us set up a used X-ray machine we purchased last year.  Thank you, Mark! A couple of weeks ago Paul Davis and the hospital maintenance workers installed a plywood ceiling and air conditioning

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