From an August 1st letter written by Dave Thompson:

Dear Friends,
At 7:30 pm tonight I got a frantic call from one of our nurses with the alarming news that our hospital warehouse was on fire.

Becki called around the station for others to come while I raced to the hospital.  When I arrived, about 200 people (mostly the local youth group, which was meeting in the church next door) were screaming and running around, trying to get into the lock building to put it out.  I could see the glow of flames through the windows.  Since it was dark, I parked my car with the headlights on the door. (more…)

On the Road Again!

Recently teams from South Shore and Faith visited to Bongolo and rocked the roads. Well actually they repaired the roads using laterite. Laterite  is a naturally occurring gravel formed by the dissolution of primary rock. Located approximately 3 meters below the surface, laterite needs to be uncovered then broke up with picks, a task that South Shore from Mass and Faith from Ohio, gladly accepted. These 2 teams put their heart and back in it and got the job done. In a matter of a few days all the roads on the mission were repaired what a great blessing to the mission staff. They are coming by the truck load and Jumping for Joy!


AIDS Clinic Officially Opens

In March Bongolo Hospital’s HIV/AIDS program finally officially opened! We received the authorization and the access code from the Ministry of Health which allows us to obtain the antiviral medicines. It had been very frustrating to have many patients who Read more…